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IT - Integration

A Universe of Digital Solutions (X), ready for launch (ON)

Proprietary IT platform; Streamlined AI module for expedited IT solutions
Executive and Oversight Committee members with IT/Academic Backgrounds

Years of IT Operations


# of Successful Projects


Years of Average IT experience of key team members

Quickly grasp and efficiently improve your processes. We know how to apply required solutions, saving you money from day 1 of collaboration with X-ON

Project Audit

Free basic project audit, covered by NDA


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Quickly analyze your processes
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Improve the bottom line
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We will provide you the required
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IT - Integration

Our Mission is to improve your process to the point where you won't need our support, so that we can move on to new projects based on your referrals.

Business Solutions

Database Management

  • Streamlined closed-system search;
  • Intuitive big-data management through AI;
  • Data collection, structuring, analysis;
  • Document structuring and analysis;
  • Automated reports, presentation of results.

Phone-call Analysis System

  • Monitoring, safety, security of employees (ensuring regulatory compliance);
  • Defining key factors impacting sales plans;
  • Client demographic/group classification;
  • Client Manager assignment.

Anomaly detection and risk management

  • Information Security: Anomaly detection model;
  • Improving effectiveness and automatization of IT support.

Automated classification of client interactions

  • Client request are classified through machine learning, reducing employee labor during initial interactions;
  • Client requests are funneled to the right specialist with correct prioritization.

Resource and Service marketplace; B2B / B2C

  • Client/Contractor registration;
  • Registering requests and added resources;
  • Ability to automate resource search (including specialized contractors) and/or tender process, filtered based on pre-set characteristics/specializations, costs;
  • RFP results are filtered to provide the most relevant proposals, structured in accordance with client's requirements;
  • AI-based resource search;
  • AI-based search for potential customers for your product/service;
  • Search and screening of clients and contractors;
  • Administrative management of clients and contractors;
  • Administrative management of requests and resources.

AI avatar

  • Multi-channel information input and analysis of user behavior;
  • Personal, empathetic approach to each user;
  • Your personal salesperson/assistant 24/7;
  • Ability to interface on a site, online store, exhibition/conference;
  • Attracts attention and provides solid PR for your company.

Dedicated IT teams

With a 15-year experience of project-specific team selection and project execution in small- medium- and large businesses we will:

Who you need in order to achieve your KPI


The right specialists to create a cohesive team


Your goals in the shortest amount of time. The results will excite you

Team Core Skills

1C: Corporation
All products, integragion, support, management of change
Corporate systems
ERP, CRM, TMS, WMS, WFM, HRM, СЭД, BI, corporate portals
Online marketplaces, aggregagors, online services, API
Audits, strategy, IT solution selection, market analysis
Online store, personal accounts, websites
Digital solutions
Automating business processes, launching new products and business models
Startups and innovative products
Testing theories, custom development, lean approach, low code / no code
Search for local vendors

Team selection experience

Integrated AI specialists into top-3 national banks (under NDA)
Contracted a developer with unique/exotic specialization within 2 days of client's request
Composed a 75-person team within 24 hours of government agency request
Provided 20 candidates for selection on the day of request
Per client's request conducted 100 interviews and hired 50 contractors in one month
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